Air Jordan XI 2009 Retro, Date Confirmed

September 18, 2009


If you are lined up for a pair of Air Jordan XI Space Jam’s this tidbit of info is of definite interest to you. The shoes will be released on December 23rd for a price os $175. This comes a month after the Asia release and if you have a connect to get up on a pair before your American brothers by all means do so. Just letting you know the drill. If the date changes we will let you know.

Via NiceKicks.

Jordan XII’s

August 14, 2009


These two pair of XII’s are releasing sometime in fall 2009, and they are NOT a package so yes you can just get the white/red pair, which I know most will choose. This is a momentual retro because they have never retroed a pair of XII’s (not including the XI&XII package earlier this year) I had a pair of OG’s but sold them, I hope to find some OG white/red’s soon. These will be retailing at $135 no word on whether they will be limited or GR.

Air Jordan Space Jam XI’s Retro

July 16, 2009


As I posted previously The Jordan Space Jam XI’s are being re-released this winter 2009. The most popular original Jordan shoe statistically because of how fast they moved of the shelves, that probably will happen again because Nike may be releasing these as a quickstrike. Release Date is November 27th, 2009 retailing at $175.

Air Jordan Retro True Blue III

May 26, 2009


The First Jordan that stepped out of the regular process of sneaker making. Jordan himslef contributed to the design of this sneaker which is where they came up with the idea for the cement design. I don’t want to know why Jordan came up with elephant skin during the making of this sneaker that is a little creepy too me lol, but I’m glad he did. The elephant print/cement design is the best idea for any sneaker ever released. Tinker Hatefiled was behind the design of these and a few other early Jordan’s including the IV & V’s, he is one of my favorite shoe designers ever. He most recenly designed the Air Yeezy’s with Kanye that is why you might notice some Jordan parts within the yeezy’s. The black/red cement III’s are the better shoe of the two, those released in october 08 in a terrible package. These however are not coming in a package, they will be releasing in August maybe earlier. Retail will be between $125-$150.

CB 94

April 16, 2009


Phil Knight must can read my thought’s. Another retro shoe releasing, that im in love with. I remember these dropping about 2year’s n the black and white colorway. These drop June 1st, around $140.

Air Jordan Space Jam Retro XI’s Release December 2009

March 25, 2009


Statistically the best Jordan’s to ever release. The most popular Jordan nicknamed Space Jam’s due to Jordan wearing these in the movie. Last Retroed in 01-02, many people will like the re-release of these and many people will not such as OG collectors. “OG niggaz started switchin’ to Adidas” -Wale. Me personally I dont disapprove of this release becuase I wouldn’t mind having these instead of spending a grip on some OG’s, or OG retro’s. The only problem I have with new retro’s are the quality is lowered to an insufficent level. Anthony my counterpart over at The Rock Co. & Kane department is going to be on these heavy when I tell them the are being retroed for these are his 2nd favorite Jordan’s. These are not in my top five favorite Jordan’s but what gets me is the clear sole. These will be dropping sometime in December 2009, no word on the price yet but most likely will be between $125-$150.

Nike Air Total Max Uptempo ‘Reggie Miller’ retro’s

March 23, 2009


Nike is retroing the Reggie Miller Air Total Max Uptempo’s from 96′. Not too many words for these, I’m not really feeling em, you feel me? They seem like a love it or hate it shoe to me. My man Cornell @ AnmlHse is waiting for these to come back like Jesus though. I can’t say that I won’t cop them because I have said shoes are ugly and I won’t cop and then I see them in person and have a complete change of heart. So we will see. These are dropping in two colorways Black/Volt and White/Midnight Navy. These will drop in Nike’s fall 09 collection, Retail will be $160 for the Volt’s and $140 for the Midnight Navy’s.