October 24, 2009


This is a middle of the night decision, but I am going to be taking a hiatus from Projectsole because I am not keeping up with any more sneakers after the Silver 1/2 cents. I have to focus my finances on other things for a while. So i will not be posting anything about sneakers, Rell may post something. You can follow us at Projectsole‘s or RCKCLOTHING twitter, but until then I’m gone.



Projectsole Now On Twitter

July 5, 2009


You can now catch Projectsole on twitter, trying to keep up with the world of networking. Follow us!

Rell Shoe Collection

April 17, 2009

photo1 Did I give NIKE all my money or what? I need to start gettin discount’s. But long story short I just wanted to show you fellow sneakerhead’s my collection.

Deej you gotta catch

About a month..

April 7, 2009


Is been about a month since Projectsole has started and we have 5,429 views. Thank you to all our viewers, supporters, and affiliates.

Where Was Projectsole Today?

March 31, 2009


Today we had to hit towson for my man Keem to get his Griffey’s (Late, I know right) He finally stepped up to the plate before they sold out everywhere. After that we stopped by Gentei Towson had a look at the stock (no new flying coffin wtf). Then we stopped by a Carry-Out to get some subs, soda’s, half n half’s. We went over somebody house where we ate our food and chilled for a bit. After that we was hoopin in the dark. That’s what we did, and why we haven’t posted until now.


Yes that’s Rell and those are some CLEAN griffey’s, I’m going to add. lol. Werd to BBC for the fitted and Gentei for Rell hoody.

Project Sole Interview

March 25, 2009

Project Sole Video Blog, interviewed by A.Jackson


March 6, 2009


Two sneakerheads, Basketball Shoes, SB’s, Air max’s, etc.

Can’t get no better then Nike, that’s what we collect.

We down with the underground clothing culture.

Fuck wit us, Project Sole.