Kid Cudi, Man On The Moon

September 6, 2009


This album is amazing when placed in the right setting. Whenever you listen to this (whether you download the leaked version, or buy the album when it comes out) here is what you need to do. Turn off your lights, turn off your phone, X off all web browsers and applications that may be open on your computer. Once you have done this open your itunes or windows player and turn on your visualizer which is the moving screensaver that moves with the tempo of the song. After you complete these steps then you can play the album, listen to every song even day ‘n’ nite. If you smoke weed then def get some haze or some kush in you, If pills are your thing pop that cap, hey even if heroine floats your yacht (not really, put the belt down). This album took me to a whole nother place, a place everyone should experience. Even if you never liked Cudi i still suggest you follow my steps of this LP especially if your a “Man On The Moon”.

Marino “MiND oN E” Season 2 Collection

June 10, 2009





Marino Clothing blowing up in the DMV. There here dropping there second season of t-shirts with there 90s inspired designs. It consists of two teenagers who is grinding like I need to be lol. They’ve gotten some decent press and Projectsole just tryin to support what deserves support throughout the DMV unlike some other projects. You can purchase there season two tee’s HERE


March 29, 2009

If you haven’t seen these videos I suggest you watch them. They address one of america’s biggest problem, from a satirical point of view.