Where is Projectsole??

October 12, 2009

I apologize to those who actually check projectsole, because I know I haven’t posted anything in a while. It’s been 1, 2, 3, 17 days, lol wow where I been at.. so since I’ve been gone for so long and I don’t feel like posting alot, I’m going to give ya’ll somethings to look at


For those with money, the KanYe West x Louis Vuitton collection has been re-released.


Here’s a pretty dope looking bag, too bad I don’t wear passenger bags.


Here’s an ugly shoe that will keep your feet warm and everyone staring at your feet (in a bad way)


This is just wrong


Here’s some shit you wouldn’t think you would have seen Jordan do (OG from the 80s, who is Big John?)


Here’s some shit you would have never thought Jordan would do lol wow So Icey 3’s aye ok


and here’s a picture of Romain Laurent’s (photographer) sneaker collection


Nike Air Triax Structure

June 14, 2009


Nike has been re-releasing alot of Nike Air Structure’s recently, and the newest one is the Air Structure Triax. These are probably the cleanest pair out of the whole hoop structure series, originally released in 90-91. These will be releasing in November not day or retail price as of now.

Picture via LDRS134

What Did DeeJ Wear Today Vol.2

March 24, 2009


“I like dogs, do you like dogs?” Mug

’03 Bape Hoodie

G-shock (stuntin n frontin)

Nike Air Griffey’s


Stussy x Mash Shirt

Amongst Friends Belt

Levi 507’s

Picture Via: Jay’s House