Where is Projectsole??

October 12, 2009

I apologize to those who actually check projectsole, because I know I haven’t posted anything in a while. It’s been 1, 2, 3, 17 days, lol wow where I been at.. so since I’ve been gone for so long and I don’t feel like posting alot, I’m going to give ya’ll somethings to look at


For those with money, the KanYe West x Louis Vuitton collection has been re-released.


Here’s a pretty dope looking bag, too bad I don’t wear passenger bags.


Here’s an ugly shoe that will keep your feet warm and everyone staring at your feet (in a bad way)


This is just wrong


Here’s some shit you wouldn’t think you would have seen Jordan do (OG from the 80s, who is Big John?)


Here’s some shit you would have never thought Jordan would do lol wow So Icey 3’s aye ok


and here’s a picture of Romain Laurent’s (photographer) sneaker collection


Air Jordan XI 2009 Retro, Date Confirmed

September 18, 2009


If you are lined up for a pair of Air Jordan XI Space Jam’s this tidbit of info is of definite interest to you. The shoes will be released on December 23rd for a price os $175. This comes a month after the Asia release and if you have a connect to get up on a pair before your American brothers by all means do so. Just letting you know the drill. If the date changes we will let you know.

Via NiceKicks.

Metallic Silver and Black 1/2 Cents

September 11, 2009

12_cent_metallic_silverblack__2_These right here will be one of those get to the shoe store early releases. I think that these particular 1/2 cents will sell out in the first day. Hand’s down the 1/2 cents was the hottest shoe release of 2009 well besides the eggplant foamposites and a few other retro release. Nike at time’s are very sketchy with there hybrid shoe’s especially how they raped the Jordan Brand with those ugly hybrid shoe’s. I would never think that a hybrid shoe would hit the shoe game in the head so hard. But to make a long story short the drop October 10,09 retailed at 190.00.

Nike Air Cement III’s

August 19, 2009


Nike Air Cement III’s are supposed to be releasing sometime in 2010, reatailing between $125-$175. At least it’s not another trashy fusion.

Nike SB Old Commercial

August 14, 2009

KOF, recently posted something interesting about the past, so I wanted to share it with our viewers here also. Here is an old Nike SB commercial, that basically has the message “what if all athletes were treated like skateboarders” embedded in it.

more videos at kicksonfire

Custom Nike Blazer SB’s by Brad Douglas

August 11, 2009


These have to be the hottest custom Blazers I have ever seen. Custom designed by Brad Douglass, I don’t know who that is but I’m guessing he is a skateboarder. The check, the heel, and tounge are all griptape from skateboards. The wood design reminds me of the Michael Lou SB’s, I wonder what the box for these look like. Either way Nike should steal this design and start producing this in a limited fashion, so I can grab these.

Nike SB Today Was A Good Day (Extended Version)

August 6, 2009