Air Jordan 12’s (Flu Game)

October 14, 2009


Fanatics have been frozen in anticipation all year about the release of several Air Jordan XII’s including the Air Jordan 12 – Flu Game which is shown here in detail. They strongly resemble the black & red playoffs but instead of yielding black leather, they sport a durabuck upper.

Created to commemorate MJ’s 38 point performance during the playoffs while suffering from the flu, The tongue sports the number 97, which is the year Michael accomplished it, followed by a sick face smiley design, and finally the 38 points.



Jordan XII’s, Michael Finley Customs

September 25, 2009


Man if Nike released these I would forgive them for all the hybrids this year….maybe not all of them (60+) not pointing any elbows, and no I am not crippin despite certain rumors, lmao.

R.i.P. Michael Jackson

June 25, 2009


Yes of course I had to do this, even though I am not a fan of Michael Jackson. Yes Michael Jackson was a creep, really wierd, and alleged molester but he was still one of the most known music artists on this earth. He was one of the greatest pop star singers ever, he created an amazing legacy with one of the sickest followings you will ever see for a musical artist. This is the man who made MTV what it is today by one video released a year after the album dropped. He was found in his rented home not breathing he was rushed to a hospital in LA then three hours later he was pronounced dead. Every rap station was playing Michael Jackson today, funny how they say people are looked at greater when they die but not in Jackson’s case, because you can’t look at him any greater then he already was.