Metallic Silver and Black 1/2 Cents

September 11, 2009

12_cent_metallic_silverblack__2_These right here will be one of those get to the shoe store early releases. I think that these particular 1/2 cents will sell out in the first day. Hand’s down the 1/2 cents was the hottest shoe release of 2009 well besides the eggplant foamposites and a few other retro release. Nike at time’s are very sketchy with there hybrid shoe’s especially how they raped the Jordan Brand with those ugly hybrid shoe’s. I would never think that a hybrid shoe would hit the shoe game in the head so hard. But to make a long story short the drop October 10,09 retailed at 190.00.

Nike Air 1/2 Cent’s Metallic Silver Detailed Picture

April 7, 2009


I dont know about you but im ready for these to release. Soon as a pic of these got released it created alot of buzz, who knew an hybrid shoe could make so much noise no im counting down da day’s on my calendar. You better get to your local shoe store early cuz these will be gone in a day.

Nike 1/2 Cent Metallic Silver and Green Spark’s

April 1, 2009


The Nike 1/2 cent, based off a collection of penny hardaway’s. Probably the best new shoe designed this year. After th Royal Blue 1/2 drop, which are now sold out. Nike prepares to drop the Metallic Silver and Green Spark’s this fall/winter. I will, i repeat I will have the metallic 1/2 cent’s. I never owned a pair of metallic silver nikes. I never owned a pair of silver foamposite’s becuase they were all “pro’s” which means they had the check on the side, I never liked those foams. I will pass on the black and green spark 1/2 cent’s. I’m getting the Reggie Miller Uptempo’s I dont need to many black shoes with green bottoms. I always thought the Silver 1/2 cents were going to drop after the spark green’s becuase they seem like the more hyped pair and less pictures were out, but in actuallity they are dropping first. Metallic Silver 1/2 Cent’s will be released in October 2009, Green Spark’s will be released in December 2009. Retail will be $190.