Good Morning Baltimore Episode 1

August 28, 2009

Good Morning Baltimore

August 16, 2009

Nike SB Old Commercial

August 14, 2009

KOF, recently posted something interesting about the past, so I wanted to share it with our viewers here also. Here is an old Nike SB commercial, that basically has the message “what if all athletes were treated like skateboarders” embedded in it.

more videos at kicksonfire

Nike SB Today Was A Good Day (Extended Version)

August 6, 2009

Wale – Family Affair

June 20, 2009

While on the subject of Wale Falorin, here is his newest video for a song called family affairs for an upcoming movie called ‘Inside a Change’.


April 12, 2009

There is this new type of video art someone showed me (werd to skillet @ Anmlhse)

where people design a video of words from movies, skits, acts, and such. There are alot of these on video website sources such as youtube, vimeo, etc. Here are the three favorite’s I came across.

Where The Wild Things Are…

April 7, 2009

I dont know about you, but this book was one of the most memorable from my early years. So when I seen this trailer I already knew I was going to see it, It looks like it could be a really good movie. I know this book is somewhere in my mother’s house so if I ever go over there again, I probably look for it. Release Date October 16th.