Thank You

January 20, 2010

Even though we our on hiatus we still get a good amount of views from people. I just wanted to thank everybody who looks at our blog, we hit 100,000+ which I never would have thought we could hit.

Random Pictures of The Day (7/31/09)

August 1, 2009


Wake n Bake

IMG_1528IMG_1557IMG_1567IMG_1589IMG_1601IMG_1615IMG_1620IMG_1596 I was in the party like “mm where my hammer at”


Respect A Legend

July 9, 2009


Kobe got it.

Projectsole Now On Twitter

July 5, 2009


You can now catch Projectsole on twitter, trying to keep up with the world of networking. Follow us!

Grape’s For Sale

May 9, 2009

12412874428251241287452654 Im selling my Jordan 5’s. Size 9 dey n good condition.Long Story short hit me up if you want some more info.

P.S. Sorry for da hiautus..I cum bck wit a shameless

Random Pictures Of The Week

May 4, 2009



Cam’ron- Silky (No Homo)





Young Leek in the 90s




April 27, 2009

Wait a second some blog posted something, about “we could be dicking” saying that we stole there post when the date of there post says April 27th and ours says April 26th. Then they have the whole same set-up as us and there blog started in April we started in March. They were mad because there information was wrong, about something so they came over here. Stay in your place who ever the fuck you are.

Here I’ll give you guys some views because I will bet money we get more views then yall get.