Trey R. Debut Mixtape, TETRIS

October 27, 2009



Baltimore’s own Trey R, a local rapper dropping his debut mixtape TETRIS. I’ve know him for a while, met through mutual friends, way back when his rap name was Swaggz. lol. Either way he’s gotten alot better since then, I’ve been listening from the OG niketown all the way to Music 2 Fly 2. DOWNLOAD his mixtape and show love & support to one of our Baltimore rappers. You can find him at these places..


Kid Cudi, Man On The Moon

September 6, 2009


This album is amazing when placed in the right setting. Whenever you listen to this (whether you download the leaked version, or buy the album when it comes out) here is what you need to do. Turn off your lights, turn off your phone, X off all web browsers and applications that may be open on your computer. Once you have done this open your itunes or windows player and turn on your visualizer which is the moving screensaver that moves with the tempo of the song. After you complete these steps then you can play the album, listen to every song even day ‘n’ nite. If you smoke weed then def get some haze or some kush in you, If pills are your thing pop that cap, hey even if heroine floats your yacht (not really, put the belt down). This album took me to a whole nother place, a place everyone should experience. Even if you never liked Cudi i still suggest you follow my steps of this LP especially if your a “Man On The Moon”.

Super Nike Nando

July 21, 2009


I have been following this guy for a minute now found him through collaborative work he did with Azizi Gibson of preHISTORIC. A DMV representitive, local rapper, talented, has a decent amount of press from what I’ve seen. I listened to his new ‘sicktape’ as he would like to call it, he didn’t disappoint. He has some heat producers on this tape, Best Kept Secret who produced most of Wale’s Mixtape About Nothing, AB the producer, and preHISTORIC. He even produced on of his songs called Produced By Me… “facebook picture style nigga try tag it” All around good artist if you like lyricism and dont forget to download his nex mixtape Super Nike Nando.

download here

Back To The Feature Mixtape Finally Drops

June 20, 2009


Finally the highly anticipated ‘Back To The Feature’ mixtape has dropped with 9th wonders beats and Wale & companies rhymes. This will be Wale’s final mixtape before his debut Album Attention: Deficit. Wale is one of the most lyrical rappers who have come in to the game recently, repping the DMV most importantly. Even though Drake and Kid Cudi are the more popular new artists signed by music mogul’s sub-labels Lil’ Wayne (Young Money) and KanYe West (G.O.O.D. Music). Wale went to Interscope with Mark Ronson a more business made move. I do not know what this mixtape exactly consists of because I am still in the process of downloading it, and you should do the same download here


June 10, 2009


Local rap group Da Reazon has released there Sophmore Mixtape WRLDRCRDHLDRS. I am somewhere on that mixtape.

Download Here

iPhone Ragtime Vol.1

May 11, 2009


A fiarly new artist is coming up in the game, He goes by the name of Dom Kennedy from Leimart Park in LA. He has one of those laid back westside flows. He recently dropped a mixtape called Future Street/Drug Sounds, I instantly fell in love with the song ‘It Was Beautiful’ the best song on the whole mixtape. He had an older mixtape called the 25th hour, that I wasn’t to fond of but he got me as a fan after this tape. Check his myspace http://www.myspace/domkennedy and download his mixtape here

CD Tuesday

April 22, 2009

deeper_than_rap3106_fc60bb0ae9dcd624bee1a0bffda923b5On Tuesday 4/21 two cd’s dropped. Kid Cudi-Dat Kid From Cleveland and Rick Ross-Deeper Than Rap. Hand’s down’s Deeper Than Rap is probably going to be the best cd of 2009. Personally I think that CD is classic every track is a banger from beginning to end. The Cudi cd is chill’s to especially for all you weed smokers.


So Deej and Keem hop on the cd and blow n the