October 24, 2009


This is a middle of the night decision, but I am going to be taking a hiatus from Projectsole because I am not keeping up with any more sneakers after the Silver 1/2 cents. I have to focus my finances on other things for a while. So i will not be posting anything about sneakers, Rell may post something. You can follow us at Projectsole‘s or RCKCLOTHING twitter, but until then I’m gone.



My New Favorite Blog..

July 24, 2009

0 - Marcus Troy Japan


There is a man that goes by the name of Marcus Troy, I have no idea who this man is or what his day job is but I do know he has just earned my title of my new favorite blog. My first sighting of this man through networking was on twitter he was following projectsole, so he either has visited this site and liked it enough to follow us on twitter, or came across us on twitter and just started following just to follow. Either way I then came across his blog and I liked the appearance and how it was setup. Later I went through the site more thuroughly and realized that he has about 6, 7 blogs in one. He goes over alot of categories from anything to his life, trends, stores, shoes, music, and my favorite coolhunts, which shows you things you would have never known existed. All organized in it’s own sections so you can look at what might interest you instead of going through all one blog. This instantly went in one of my top blogs. So definitely go check his blog out,

now in our blogroll.

R.i.P. Steve McNair

July 5, 2009


Not much to say, a legendary football player who lost his life to the gun. Killed by a 20 year old woman who he was allegedly having an affiar with, she killed herself shortly after. Drafted by the oilers, ran with the titans, migrated with the ravens, and then traded to the texans. An NFL Legend who left a great mark in history before he even left. Rest in Peace Steve.

R.i.P. Michael Jackson

June 25, 2009


Yes of course I had to do this, even though I am not a fan of Michael Jackson. Yes Michael Jackson was a creep, really wierd, and alleged molester but he was still one of the most known music artists on this earth. He was one of the greatest pop star singers ever, he created an amazing legacy with one of the sickest followings you will ever see for a musical artist. This is the man who made MTV what it is today by one video released a year after the album dropped. He was found in his rented home not breathing he was rushed to a hospital in LA then three hours later he was pronounced dead. Every rap station was playing Michael Jackson today, funny how they say people are looked at greater when they die but not in Jackson’s case, because you can’t look at him any greater then he already was.

Happy Mother’s Day

May 11, 2009


Happy Mother’s Day from Projectsole, to all mother’s, future mother’s, young and old mother’s. Mother’s day originally was started to bring light on the problems and poverty among women in the mid 1800s. It was then turned into a popular holiday for any mother by the media and government, thus taking the light off women in poverty and ways to help them. That’s all I’m going to say because I know there alot of people who aren’t fond of learning things. (lol)

Air Yeezy Drop in Mexico City

May 5, 2009


Here is a picture from Mexico City, Mexico of the black/pink Nike Air Yeezy drop. As you can see they are trying to aquire the new yeezy’s while not aquiring the swine flu.

Injury Reserve

April 28, 2009


Today was one of our most popular days (550+ views), although I didn’t post all day until now, and I hope the picture above can explain why. Yes another injury has been sustained, for those who remember my fractured shoulder last month. I was at GBMC today for the majority of my time after school, to find out that I have a ruptured ligiment in my pinky finger. I am now on injury reserve from football in gym class, I still will murk a nigga in badmiton though.

and I can’t work again..fuck.