AnmlHse Summer Collection 2009

August 2, 2009


A Brand I fuck with heavy on a personal level and as a business (shout out to Jon). One of the upcoming brands in the underground culture that is bringing the design aspect into the game, which is needed due to so many going mainstream. Animation college students creating art for clothes through cartoons some of us know and don’t know but surely recognize. They are like roger rabbit, cartoons x real people x not for kids. They have alot of designing talent so I can see them doing alot of things in the future. They just compiled one of the dopest photoshoots of 2009, even though Mishka’s 90s camera’s phase was highly prasied I think Anmlhse topped them. Peep there photoshoot HERE, the store will be up in a few days make sure you grab the pieces that you like, but always pay your bills first unless it’s the light bill just buy some candles.



Marino “MiND oN E” Season 2 Collection

June 10, 2009





Marino Clothing blowing up in the DMV. There here dropping there second season of t-shirts with there 90s inspired designs. It consists of two teenagers who is grinding like I need to be lol. They’ve gotten some decent press and Projectsole just tryin to support what deserves support throughout the DMV unlike some other projects. You can purchase there season two tee’s HERE

Marino Clothing Season 2

May 22, 2009


Mos Def x Neighborhood ‘Holidays in The Sun’

May 18, 2009


Recording hip hop artist and actor Mos Def has recently got up with Japanese clothing line Neighborhood, my favorite denim company which I can’t not afford though lol. Above are some of the original pieces that are going to be apart of the “Holidays in The Sun” series. The blue jacket looks pretty chill without the hood up and the jeans just look OD ill, as expected. You can see Mos Def in other clothing lines such as Converse, and Visim, UNDRCRWN. Anmlhse run philly lol.

Final Home x Casio G-Shock

May 14, 2009

final home casio gshock mini 1 Final Home x Casio G Shock Mini

Final Home and Casio G-Shock has seen their work produced over a series of watches in the past and most recently in two versions that were released late last year. A new colorway in what Tres Bien Shop lists as “army green” is the newest addition to the G-Shock Mini family. While the color looks a lot more gray, the watch strap also includes a brand message. Available now at Tres Bien Shop.

via hypebeast

Original Fake 3rd Anniversary Tees

May 5, 2009


Original Fake is one of the few brands I have the utmost respect for. The designer Kaws is one of the most artistic people in the underground culture, he established his spot in the game after his successful collaboration with Bape years ago. He has always kept it real with his clothes, he never tries to make something to appeal to the mainstream, you don’t see his clothes in music videos and lame celebrities. As far as these t-shirts they represent the third anniversary of Original Fake.

Bape Pirate Store

April 29, 2009




A bathing Ape has recently built another store with a pirate theme to it. Maybe he is touching on the pirates return on those CNN stories. As I said before I lost alot of love for Bape although they will always be my favorite clothing line, becuase of things like this. They just set the bar so high, think about all the things they have done and then think about 10.Deep and all these other brands have done, is no competition. For those with the Bape Anniversary book you know what I’m talking about. Back on to the subject at hand this store in in Nagano, Japan an island across from Tokyo. There is a t-shirt that goes with this store and I ‘fancy it’ (lol) as them UK heads say. I might have to drop a c-note sometime soon.