Marino Clothing New Site

July 13, 2009


First things first, welcome to the revamp and improved official Marino website aka Marino 2.0 update. Major improvements attend as you can see, coming a long way from the OG Black/White site. We kept things HTML because we knew all our consumers, supporters, and fans may not have a fast loading computer, that would show media flash in the full effect that we materialize it to be. Marino as a whole used our thirst to dominate something youthful at the same time unspoiled to the map, that no one has glared towards before. Being so raw, newborn and having a 90’s way can naked so much extravagant things in our minds to present to people.


New Marino Clothing Website Coming Soon…

July 8, 2009


Pedestrian Party on July 4th

June 12, 2009


Be here on July 4th, featuring my man Al Peace, his Peaceful Money Clique and preHISTORIC. Shout out to Garth at Pedestrian.

Marino Clothing

April 19, 2009


Local clothing line Marino run by two teenagers in Baltimore, coming up in the DMV. A clothing line looked to be based on designs from the 90s. Graphic Tees with clashes of colors, but still simple not to much. Carried by Pedestrian Baltimore, You can also check them out at, now in our blogroll.

Anmlhse Pajammy Jam

April 17, 2009


Big shout to my people over AnmlHse, especially Jon for helping me with a few things and Skillet for letting smoke with him. If you never heard of Anmlhse they are a clothing line out in Philadelphia run by college students (and some recent grads). They will be dropping there Spring/Summer Line very soon and I have seen the designs, there just some things that you gotta have. They are in our blogroll.

Shop Gentei

March 15, 2009


One of my favorite stores in DMV. The owner Oliver is a cool dude. They sell underground streetwear clothing, bikes, and skateboards. They are heavy in the BMX scene in MD. Werd to my nigga Al Peace who works there also. They recently re-designed there website they now have an online store, lookbook and a few other things. Check our blogroll. They have two stores located at..

1010 Morton Street Baltimore, MD

22 West Allegheny #102 Towson, MD