Black and Silver Air Penny II’s

July 25, 2009


Dont believe the hype.  I went to sleep at 5 and woke up at 10 just to make the trip to DTLR to get the Atlantic Blue Penny 2’s. Still tired i figured it would be all worth the trip, but it wasnt. To my amazement there where no where in site, but instead I seen the Black Panther’s sitting there. Even though there descent im not fuccing with them. Im hearing a rumor that the Atlantic;’s will drop any day soon.


Stop The Murder

July 25, 2009


I wish Michael Jordan was a OG sneakerhead like Chi McBride so he might care more. They just killing Jordan shoes right now, when will the muder stop.

picture via sneakernews

Nik SB Bruin

July 25, 2009


These shoes perfect simplicity, I hope they don’t play these out like they did blazers. This shoe is like the blazer, designed in the 70s as a basketball shoe. Now Nike re-releases these and makes them apart of the SB collection after there supreme collaboration. I may be adding these to my collection somewhere in the near future.

My New Favorite Blog..

July 24, 2009

0 - Marcus Troy Japan


There is a man that goes by the name of Marcus Troy, I have no idea who this man is or what his day job is but I do know he has just earned my title of my new favorite blog. My first sighting of this man through networking was on twitter he was following projectsole, so he either has visited this site and liked it enough to follow us on twitter, or came across us on twitter and just started following just to follow. Either way I then came across his blog and I liked the appearance and how it was setup. Later I went through the site more thuroughly and realized that he has about 6, 7 blogs in one. He goes over alot of categories from anything to his life, trends, stores, shoes, music, and my favorite coolhunts, which shows you things you would have never known existed. All organized in it’s own sections so you can look at what might interest you instead of going through all one blog. This instantly went in one of my top blogs. So definitely go check his blog out,

now in our blogroll.

Super Nike Nando

July 21, 2009


I have been following this guy for a minute now found him through collaborative work he did with Azizi Gibson of preHISTORIC. A DMV representitive, local rapper, talented, has a decent amount of press from what I’ve seen. I listened to his new ‘sicktape’ as he would like to call it, he didn’t disappoint. He has some heat producers on this tape, Best Kept Secret who produced most of Wale’s Mixtape About Nothing, AB the producer, and preHISTORIC. He even produced on of his songs called Produced By Me… “facebook picture style nigga try tag it” All around good artist if you like lyricism and dont forget to download his nex mixtape Super Nike Nando.

download here

Nike Air Jordan 1-23 All White Collection

July 20, 2009


Forget about the fencing Jordan 23’s, scratch all the fusions, dont think about the Nike 60+, and as hard as it will be ignore the spizike boot. This by far a the Jordan Brands most hurtful move for sneakerheads. They are releasing every last jordan ever released in all white. All White I’s? All white VII’s? All white XIII’s?  There may be a few pairs that come out better then most (XII’s), but the idea is horrific they just continue to fuck up one of the best line of sneakers. I have no idea of how or when they are releasing them, prices or anything. They make so much money just off selling socks why do they have to fuck with Jordans, they need to have a few years where they dont do anything with Jordan just leave it alone. That would be nice Nike, it would be.

New Balance 498 Upcoming Releases

July 19, 2009

new-balance-498-21new-balance-498-6 I cant speak for the res tof the DMV but I no in Baltimore we wear 498’s. Since the summer started I copped every pair date released. All of these are kinda bland except da beef n brocoli colorway.