Louis Vuitton x KanYe West Photoshoot

June 29, 2009


Paris based fashion website LA MJC recently directed this exclusive photoshoot featuring exclusive photos of Kanye West and his collection with Louis Vuitton. The images present each shoe clearly; and what’s clear is, is that each design reeks of quality and elegant detailing. Materials include rich suedes, nylon, and premium leathers. La MJC also conducted an interview with ‘Ye on his exclusive line. The Kanye West x Louis Vuitton line will release later this year.

Another 60+ Jordan

June 29, 2009


Jesus will never return.

R.i.P. Michael Jackson

June 25, 2009


Yes of course I had to do this, even though I am not a fan of Michael Jackson. Yes Michael Jackson was a creep, really wierd, and alleged molester but he was still one of the most known music artists on this earth. He was one of the greatest pop star singers ever, he created an amazing legacy with one of the sickest followings you will ever see for a musical artist. This is the man who made MTV what it is today by one video released a year after the album dropped. He was found in his rented home not breathing he was rushed to a hospital in LA then three hours later he was pronounced dead. Every rap station was playing Michael Jackson today, funny how they say people are looked at greater when they die but not in Jackson’s case, because you can’t look at him any greater then he already was.

Atlantic Blue Penny II’s

June 22, 2009


Word is they are going to be retroing the atlantic blue penny II’s, the best penny II colorway in my opinion. As they continue retroing the ever so popular pennies I feel bad for the older sneakerheads who already own these but the younger collectors including myself need these. There isn’t any release info for these as of yet. I will keep those interested updated.

edit: these got quickstriked nike thugged us lol

Yellow Lobsters?

June 21, 2009


During the release of ther blue lobster’s there was a preview of the nike x concepts yellow lobsters, it’s supposedly only 36 pairs worldwide. These are the best looking pair out of all the lobsters.

Wale – Family Affair

June 20, 2009

While on the subject of Wale Falorin, here is his newest video for a song called family affairs for an upcoming movie called ‘Inside a Change’.

Back To The Feature Mixtape Finally Drops

June 20, 2009


Finally the highly anticipated ‘Back To The Feature’ mixtape has dropped with 9th wonders beats and Wale & companies rhymes. This will be Wale’s final mixtape before his debut Album Attention: Deficit. Wale is one of the most lyrical rappers who have come in to the game recently, repping the DMV most importantly. Even though Drake and Kid Cudi are the more popular new artists signed by music mogul’s sub-labels Lil’ Wayne (Young Money) and KanYe West (G.O.O.D. Music). Wale went to Interscope with Mark Ronson a more business made move. I do not know what this mixtape exactly consists of because I am still in the process of downloading it, and you should do the same download here