Bape Pirate Store

April 29, 2009




A bathing Ape has recently built another store with a pirate theme to it. Maybe he is touching on the pirates return on those CNN stories. As I said before I lost alot of love for Bape although they will always be my favorite clothing line, becuase of things like this. They just set the bar so high, think about all the things they have done and then think about 10.Deep and all these other brands have done, is no competition. For those with the Bape Anniversary book you know what I’m talking about. Back on to the subject at hand this store in in Nagano, Japan an island across from Tokyo. There is a t-shirt that goes with this store and I ‘fancy it’ (lol) as them UK heads say. I might have to drop a c-note sometime soon.

Cooper Foamposites

April 29, 2009


Nike is at it again, There is rumors that a cooper colorway foamposite (the shoe on the right in the picture) will be dropping this year. I guess the eggplant colorway is not the only new one. For those who don’t know what copper is, it is the metal they use to make pennies. I know most of you see the simile Nike is trying to use, penny copper metal color for the penny 1’s. The picture above is photoshopped by BP, it is not an official picture from Nike, the shoes in the middle and left don’t exist sorry. Word is they are suppose to drop sometime in the winter like november, december. This whole thing is a rumor still unraveling so I will try to keep everyone updated with the facts.

Injury Reserve

April 28, 2009


Today was one of our most popular days (550+ views), although I didn’t post all day until now, and I hope the picture above can explain why. Yes another injury has been sustained, for those who remember my fractured shoulder last month. I was at GBMC today for the majority of my time after school, to find out that I have a ruptured ligiment in my pinky finger. I am now on injury reserve from football in gym class, I still will murk a nigga in badmiton though.

and I can’t work again..fuck.

Nike SB May 2009 Releases Blazer and Classic

April 27, 2009


Excuse the last post, I’m back to doing what I like to do (not)

Nike SB dropped some a series of sb’s in the beginning of the month, p-rod’s I think. Now for the month of may two more pairs of sb’s are dropping a pair of blazer sb’s and sb classic’s. Classic’s are wack no words for those. Now on the side of the blazer I like these, I think blazer’s were ruined when they started dropping them in Foot Locker and DTLR as GR’s. They gave the impression to some kids that they were fresh and they soon started searching things like they were sneakerheads and they come across karmaloop and thinking it’s the coolest website ever. Kids these days are funny, well at least they dont drop SB blazers as GR’s. If you don’t know what GR means go ahead and google it, but don’t go and start a blog after you find it out and pretend to be some educated sneakerhead.


April 27, 2009

Wait a second some blog posted something, about “we could be dicking” saying that we stole there post when the date of there post says April 27th and ours says April 26th. Then they have the whole same set-up as us and there blog started in April we started in March. They were mad because there information was wrong, about something so they came over here. Stay in your place who ever the fuck you are.

Here I’ll give you guys some views because I will bet money we get more views then yall get.

New Fresh Water Addition

April 26, 2009


After the Air Max 95’s, Air Force 1’s, and Air Max Griffey 1’s there is a new addition to the Fresh Water family. With the white, black, and fresh water colorway Nike is dropping these as a pair Air Max Light’s. I like these alot and I am a fan of air max 1’s and lights, but most likely I will not be getting these because I dont think they will look to good on me. These are on the internet now for around $170, but they will be in retail store sometime in the month of may.

My Second Son

April 24, 2009

The video above is a minute and some change long. It consists of basketball clips of my second son (not biological) Gavin Yuille. I am posting this because of the ending, please watch.