Nike Air Griffey Max I, New Colorways

March 31, 2009


Dear Ken Griffey,

never was a fan of baseball, but you did something great in my books. The greatest baseball shoe recently has been retroed, the hype on the classic colorway was big. The Royal Blue colorway even bigger which are releasing in June 09. Well Now Nike has some new Griffeys dropping in the Winter 09 Collection, I know were all waiting for summer to come but be prepared for the winter again. The black on black griffeys are going to be good for the wintertime, even though I won’t be copping those. The grey and red Griffey’s however I will most likely cop, and put on ice till spring/summer 010. Retail same as before, $140. Werd to Santana Bandana (lol) on the info of the new colorways. New Projectsole Tag when you see it you already know who it is.


Where Was Projectsole Today?

March 31, 2009


Today we had to hit towson for my man Keem to get his Griffey’s (Late, I know right) He finally stepped up to the plate before they sold out everywhere. After that we stopped by Gentei Towson had a look at the stock (no new flying coffin wtf). Then we stopped by a Carry-Out to get some subs, soda’s, half n half’s. We went over somebody house where we ate our food and chilled for a bit. After that we was hoopin in the dark. That’s what we did, and why we haven’t posted until now.


Yes that’s Rell and those are some CLEAN griffey’s, I’m going to add. lol. Werd to BBC for the fitted and Gentei for Rell hoody.

NIke Foamposite Lite Playoff Pack

March 30, 2009

nike-foamposite-lite-playoff-pack-silver-purple-01 Is it me or is the Foamposite Lite’s goin to become one of the hottest shoe’s out. First the Kryptonite’s Lite’s appeared on Nate Robinson and sent every Sneakerhead into shock. Then the Blue/Black colorway came out and had a lil buzz. Now the Phoenix Sun’s Playoff addition are coming out in May so be on the lookout. Retail price around $140.00

Color: White-Varsity Purple-Black
Style: 360637-151

What Did DeeJ Wear Today Vol.3

March 29, 2009


Calvin Klein white tee

Navy Gulfman G-shock

A&F cargos

Eggplant Foamposites

I would like to also mention my condolences to my counter-part Rell’s Griffey’s. Don’t say I aint tell you.

ShamWOW guy Arrested, Scamnow Video. Funny.

March 29, 2009


Basically the Shamwow guy had some problems with a hooker. A fight erupted in a hotel, his tounge was bitten all types of wierd stuff. I am to lazy to go further into details.. here is the story

This is my boring Sunday, where I watch youtube vidoes. I had to share this. It goes well with the story.

R.I.P. Ken Griffey’s

March 29, 2009


12383435072362 Last nite I made the biggest mistake of my life. I wore my BRAND NEW¬† Ken Griffey’s to the club. WTF was i thinking I dont know. I guess it’s time to retire these n get a new pair.


March 29, 2009

If you haven’t seen these videos I suggest you watch them. They address one of america’s biggest problem, from a satirical point of view.